5 Web-Based Projects for Growing Small Business

If you want to take your small business to the next level, you should harness the power of the internet. There are various web-based projects that can help your company succeed and tools and services you can use for support. Credit Hilite lists some projects to consider.

1. Launching an Online Business

These days, you can use web-based tools to launch a business more easily. For example, getting an LLC online means you can limit liability and reduce the amount of paperwork you must do. Furthermore, you can retain flexibility and tax advantages as an LLC. Take time to compare the best LLC services online. There are many providers, and you want to get the most value. You should also research the regulations in your state because different states have various rules. In many states, you can name and register your business online, too.

2. Developing Your Website

Studies cited by Blue Corona suggest that over 70% of customers research a business online before making a purchase. Most companies, including brick-and-mortar businesses, can benefit from a larger web presence. Developing a custom business website can help you reach customers and conduct business.

You should identify the purpose your website needs to serve before creating it. For example, decide if you need to book appointments or process payments through your website.

A professional web developer can give feedback and help you improve your website.  You can hire services to enhance your search engine optimization so that more customers encounter your website first. You can even work with a designer to improve the visual elements and make your website more attractive.

Gather the documents and images you need for your website upgrade and turn a PDF into a JPG file format to pull images from your PDFs and convert existing files into something more SEO friendly. In fact, JPGs are the most SEO searchable files, so use them whenever possible.

Be sure that your website stands out. Eye-catching content such as a video can really help. If you want to create your own, you can find video available online to use — you’ll find a lot of stock footage out there to choose from. However, royalty-free video is the way to go, as you don’t have to worry about potentially expensive licensing fees. Once you have video you like, customize it with audio and text.

3. Web Hosting for Businesses

When creating your business website, you should also select the right hosting service. It's important to pick a secure hosting service to protect the data of your company and your customers.

Furthermore, you should look for a service that prioritizes stability to avoid issues. Consider the amount of storage and bandwidth you need when comparing services.

4. Digital Marketing Strategies

You can take on web-based projects that help you market your company. DigitalMarketer notes that you should locate and appeal to your target audience with various digital marketing strategies. Your business can use social media and email to communicate with existing clients and attract new customers.

Work with digital marketers to connect with your audience on social media platforms. Furthermore, you can conduct internet research to identify relevant keywords and optimize your content. Manage your online presence by improving your web listings and seeking positive reviews from loyal customers.

5. Web-Based Tools

You should adopt online communication tools that help you contact and build relationships with employees, vendors, clients, and the wider community. Consider investing in an email client that lets you organize your messages. Business quality instant messaging programs can facilitate conversations within the company. Similarly, you can purchase project management software to enable collaboration. You can also look into VOIP services and web conferencing tools to speak directly with clients and other professionals.

You should also look for industry-specific cloud-based tools, such as a construction accounting solution if you’re in that industry. Cloud-based accounting software means you don’t have to worry about data backups or being in the office. You’re able to work from anywhere!

Grow with Web-Based Upgrades

Many aspects of operating a small business can be accomplished or improved through web-based resources. Look for professional services and tech tools, like free file conversion programs, that help you take on new projects and enable your business to grow online. And for more great articles like this one, check out the other content on Credit Hilite Business Blog.

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