How To Get a Good Credit Score

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Many Americans had loans and other credit applications denied because poor credit score.

Life will be easier when you have a good credit score, You don’t have any problem when getting a credit card, home, loan or better insurance rate.

So what is a Good Credit Score? Read on to know and i will guide you step by step through to getting a good credit score.

A Good Credit Score

According to FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), anything above 670 will be considers as a Good credit score.

  • Under 580: Poor
  • 580-669: Fair
  • 670-739: Good
  • 740-799: Very Good
  • 800-850: Exceptional

Another credit scoring company is VantageScore, 661-780 will be considered as a good credit score.

  • Below 500: Very Poor
  • 500-600: Poor
  • 601-660: Fair
  • 661-780: Good
  • 781-850: Excellent

Getting a Good Credit Score

We have two very important factors

FICO score algorithm:

FICO score algorithm is a calculation of how your credit score. It’s really important. You’re going to have to master that but it’s not too complicated.


Research is number one with credit aside from the Fico algorithm. You can check these three links here:

which basically are going to feed you with all the information on how to build your credit.

So I have these links here from it’s a really good source for you to research on the trends of credit repair companies and also things that have worked with other people that have credit cards.

Start with number one is Churning

Churing is basically understanding on how to utilize your credit cards to redeem cash back rewards and opening up new credit cards.

This is a forum that will discuss sign up bonuses that the different credit card companies have. you’re gonna need to take advantage of those if you want to increase your credit limits. Different credit card companies have different promotions, exclusive benefits that you need to be aware of. So you’re building equity with your credit. You never want to miss any promotion or any new release of credit card information that the credit card companies have. If you want to scale your credit to 850 or somewhere close to that

Number two is a Award Travel.

We all want to travel. You probably have family in different parts of the country or you just want to travel the world for free. In this forum, you will find out how to use a rewards points from credit cards to get free upgrades and hotel stays and rental cards and even get upgraded the luxury status. So like if you book a normal a normal hotel room, if you have a particular credit card, there’s actually a way that you can upgrade your status level and get a room for either free or like for the price of a regular room. Also free flights, rewards points…etc.

Number three is Personal Finance

This is basically a link to go over your personal finance and manage your bank accounts, how to manage your spending. What exclusive benefits banks might be offering. You also might want to open up a new bank account if you haven’t already.

This link is going to give you enough information for you to make the best decision for your credit. Believe it or not, if you have certain bank accounts and you use them accordingly that will heighten your chances to increase your credit or get approved for credit cards. Because the banks are issuing out the credit really important.

The last one is Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is independently owned company owned by two bloggers, it’s an authoritative site to basically verify whatever his own reddit.

Remember is an open forum so most of the stuff is going to be accurate. I verified it myself. But you want to educate yourself and make sure you use Doctor of Credit to verify anything that you may find on those link above i give you. because you can trust Doctor of Credit. All right, So we went over the FICO score very briefly and these four links, that’s your homework. So make sure you visit these four links Churning, Award travel, Personal Finance and last but not least doctor of Credit to basically educate yourself on how to manage your credit and how to use his credit cards.

If you really want to step up your game, check out the new eBook I wrote for you, the Credit Repair 101Simple instructions, and illustration will help you learn how to boost your Credit Score, and other amazing credit tips & tricks. Check out the samples on the product page.

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