How To Get Best Deals With Gold Credit Card

In the previous article, i write about the road map to the glory, the glorious status of the president's circle, Hilton Diamond and all that good stuff, whereas we started from just a gold status.

One important thing about having this status of Sapphire preferred gold or American Express, having these cards doesn't entitle you to anything in the roadmap, meaning it's not guaranteed, but that doesn't mean it's not going to happen. But we do realize that we're using our negotiation skills and our status to leverage the possibility of getting the challenge to getting all this good stuff. So there's just a few things I want to share with you on how to negotiate when you're at the cash register, at the hotel, specifically when you're getting a rental car, you want to call ahead. Negotiate is everything.

Tips in Negotiate to Get Better Deals

If you want to get the best deals or have a higher chance of success, timing and getting to know the manager personally. So always make sure call ahead.

If I'm if I'm traveling to Florida from California and I know that I'm going to be at this airport with Hertz there, I'm going to call ahead and know when I fly, when I land there, I want to know which manager is working. So I will call ahead and be like:

"Hey, hi, this is William. I'm actually traveling to Florida for the first time and I'm actually going to be needing a rental car. Is there a manager that could possibly help me, like, show me around the lot"

When you call and then they'll be happy to drop a name, when you arrive there, you know who to work with and also make sure, what time they're working and let them know that you're going to be available there. Don't ask any specific questions. Just kindly introduce yourself. Something like that is not really heard of. So they're going to appreciate you by doing that. They're going to recognize you. And remember, you were there. Hopefully they will remember you. Most likely they will. Their manager, they're held more accountable. Now, when you go there, make sure you speak to that manager. He'll most likely be busy. But if you plan ahead, he'll have time to talk to you.

When you negotiate for that, just be kind and pick the car that you want to start off with, like : Corolla, Toyota Prius, whatever it is available. And then make sure that you then mentioned your status, talk to the manager, be like:

"hey, I'm actually a Gold service member. And what would be possible if you can help me upgrade to a better vehicle"

They will let you know if there's any deals. If there's any promotion, don't bombard them or demand with any, demand of a vehicle or whatever. Don't feel entitled because the key is like they don't have to approve you. Like they could come up with some excuse because it's an extra thing to type on the computer, or they'll lose commission or whatever it is. You just want to make it easy for them. And when you humanize them and are nice, you'll be closer to getting what you want. So remember, ask for a name, a manager's name, call ahead and always be kind and you'll have a higher chance of success.

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